1986.... Caco Abbo International, S.A. is founded as a goods importer to be sold in Panama by is subsidiary company Abolu, S.A.
1988....Begins the development of the “Best Value” brand with just one category and a 1200 square meters distribution center is established.
1992.... Mr. Joel Abbo is named as General Manager of the company and exports to Central America countries gets started.
1994....The decision to expand the development of the Best Value brand is taken with the expansion of assorted goods.
1996.... Exports to more than 15 countries in Latin America
1997....ROCKWELL ELECTRIC brand is established for handling of the lamps and electric accessories categories.
1998.... A new 5,000 square meters distribution center is founded
2002....Exports are made to more than 25 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.
2004…..The brand AQUINA is established for the plumbing and taps categories.
2008….PROPULSA brand is established for the accessories and automotive parts categories.




2009….We move the main branch offices to Panama city and open the new distribution center of 11,000 square meters.
2010…The COMMANDER brand is established covering the electric tools and industrial equipment categories..
2011…Exports grows to more than 32 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean

2013…The new distribution center expands to 15,000 square meters.

The brands of Caco Abbo International like Best Value, Rockwell Electric, Aquina, Propulsa and Commander are between the brands of biggest growth in Latin America and the Caribbean.
With a pressence of more than 25,000 points of sales around the continent. We keep on growing and innovating allowing our customers to get the best benefits.